I started this blog because I’m sad and worried about our lack of response to poems and
poetry. I’m concerned about it for our secular lives and our faith lives. I see people regularly,
routinely, (sometimes even purposefully,) ignoring poetry. Or actively denying it. Or just
missing it altogether.

It is as if we are unaware – or much afraid – of that dimension of clarity-through- candour
which exists a hair’s-breadth distance from us. We decline, in ignorance or prejudice, as
individuals and as society, to peep under the pavements or between the bricks of our being
to allow for that kind of glory.

Why are we so averse? I’ve heard people shrug off poetry as being unrealistic. I’ve heard
them shrink from it as being “too deep”. What is it about poems and poetry that makes us
dub it so irrelevant, or so profound, that we’re unwilling to access its truths?

My belief is that all honest poetry and, however testing we find it, however counter it runs
to our taste or sensibilities, has a discernible godly grain to it. I’m sure that when we close
our minds to poetry, in or outside of the Bible, (knowingly or darkly), we impoverish
ourselves and make more narrow our responses to events and to people.