This blog is about poems, poetry and the poetic; both in our secular lives and in the Bible*. I really hope you’ll join in with your ideas, convictions and beliefs.

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Although I often try to express my faith in poetry, I shan’t be using them to try to illustrate or support my opinions. Lots of my stuff is here, on other bits of this site, to read, watch or obtain – but this blog isn’t about my poems.

So, let’s explore the differences and similarities between poetry, poems and propaganda; and what separates poetry from verse. Let’s look at whether there’s any such thing as Godless poetry. Let’s find out why – and how – we prevent poetry from getting to us.

And let’s be open to poetry, to discussion, and to each other.

*Weekly texts will be from the NRSV translation of the Bible.
**Readings follow the Revised Common Lectionary: