Some of the videos on this page show performances, other show online readings.  Of course the flavour of the two kinds is very different; the online readings give you an idea of the kind of atmosphere we could create at a smaller gathering: a workshop, a creative retreat, a mission-exploration day. Whereas the performances will give you a feel for the kind of work I could offer you in bigger venues and wider settings.


“Poetry is for the times and the situations where prose won’t stretch enough to express experience or conviction which needs sharing.”


Lots of my poetry deals with faith-related and religion related subjects. But faith connects us to every kind of human situation. We can’t say, for example that dementia, depression, loneliness, lust or fortune aren’t faith issues.  Some poems here may not seem church related. But if we care deeply about mission, is there societal issue which does not require practical, loving expressions of faith? If you dislike some of these poems, I’d ask you to work out why.



Several of these poems come from my books. I chose ones that would give you a taste of some of the things I care about most. Growing faith, shriveling churches, enmities, friendships, intimacy, alienation, marginalization, relationship; God is in all parts of our lives, though often unseen and unallowed. If you’re interested in this stuff, but find nothing here which corresponds precisely to the events or situations you are working with, then get in touch…