Last Texts from Jesus


Our notions of Jesus are inevitably shaped by classical paintings and established ideas of life in biblical times. Yet, if, as many believe, Jesus exists across time and space, how might we authentically imagine Christ today?   


Church Of Snails


Churches too often sift people and situations, involving themselves only with those people and things which won’t embarrass, hurt or challenge; we decide who are the sheep and who are the goats. Our decisions are plain for the world to see. Sometimes they look funny or silly. Sometimes just ugly


Trouble with Church


Trouble with Church? Provocative Poems for Thoughtful Christians ISBN: 978-1-8487-029-7 “Lucy writes with sharpness, clarity and soul… with this Collection she has outdone herself”. Jeremy Vine BBC Radio 2 As Church we’ve been called to love one another. But let’s admit it, most churches exclude someone. While we do Us-and-Them-Church, rather than Christ-Shaped-Church, we’re shooting ourselves in the foot; we’re excluding Jesus. You can read these pieces as poems, plain and simple – or use them for worship, private prayer or group work...