I like and respect JPIT’s emphasis on action and practical engagement; it’s good to be keeping them company. You’ll be able to read, (and also see a video of me reading), each poem either here, or on the JPIT site as they are written.

Peace and Justice Poems for J.P.I.T.

I’m proud to be poet in residence for the Joint Public Issues Team. It involves me writing poems which sit alongside our urgent national and international issues of peace and justice.

Sometimes I’ll also perform at their events.

JPIT is made up of the Baptist Union, the Church of Scotland, the Methodist Church and the United Reformed Church, working together for peace and justice in the UK. There is a legitimate place for righteous anger.

Joint Public Issues Team logo on Lucy Berry.com.jpg

In their own words, they:

. equip Christians to act and pray on issues of injustice.

. resource churches to reflect and campaign effectively.

. help our Churches to speak out with a distinctively

Christian voice on injustice.